In 2008 we went on holiday to Burgundy, in eastern France.

I’d not visited the region before but wanted to because of the food, the wine and the history (me being a bit of a history buff and all) and I wasn’t disappointed.

Burgundy is beautiful, once you get away from the valley of the Sâone river which is dominated by the A6 autoroute and the N6 main road.

To the west of the river are the famous vineyards, it is a real roll call of wines that you just cannot afford, plus a lot of more affordable ones too.

We stayed near to Mercurey, Givry, Rully and Buxy – which is where the first photo was taken.

Buxy has a really good Cave Co-operative, one that regularly achieves a high standard with its wines (some of which are widely available in the UK).

We drank a fair amount of their ordinary AOC Bourgogne rouge (made from 100% Pinot Noir) and we also enjoyed their AOC Mâcon St Gengoux (100% Gamay) and their AOC Bourgogne Passetoutgrains (a third Pinot Noir, two thirds Gamay).

We also enjoyed their higher quality wines too, their AOC Montagny Vieille Vignes is pretty good, as is the AOC Bourgogne Cotes Chalonnaise rouge too.

In Mercurey itself, the wines are pretty much uniformly good value too, not cheap but a lot cheaper than if you were buying them in the UK.

There are a few caves in Mercurey and I would recommend A Ma Cave as a good place to sample a small but good range of local wines, plus cheap vin en vrac stuff too. La Cave Antoine is also good (leaving the village heading towards Autun).

Further south, you reach the Mâconnais, where the best wines are all white, including the famous Pouilly-Fuissé. Some of the best vineyards are near the Roche de Solutré,


2 thoughts on “Bourgogne

  1. Hello you, We’ve driven through France and for some reason we didn’t stop in Burgundy. I can hear a sharp intake of breath here – we were probably on a tight schedule to get to some gite or other down south. I can hardly believe it myself now I read this back, especially as Mr FF loves his wine so very much

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