The Full English

Is there a better breakfast than The Full English?

OK, so it is probably your entire daily calorific intake on a single plate and it contains more fat than is healthy but you don’t eat it every day. Or do you?

I love a Full English once in a while, probably only twice a month at the most, and only ever on a Sunday, with lots of strong tea, The Observer and George Lamb on 6Music.

I don’t usually have beans but sometimes they are exactly what is required and this one has a toasted soda farl instead of toast, but the basic idea of a Full English is all about eating piggy things in different guises with a good fried egg or two.

I am open-minded about sauce. Sometimes it is HP, sometimes tomato ketchup, I occasionally like a dollop of mustard too. The only thing I do insist upon is a splash of chilli sauce on my eggs. Cholula Hot Chilli Sauce is my current favourite but I also like Encona West Indian Original Hot Pepper Sauce too.

The best thing about a Full English is that you won’t have to eat again until the evening when, seeing as it is a Sunday, you are likely to have a proper Sunday Roast, something I shall have to write about another time.


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