The Grateful Dead – To Terrapin: Hartford ’77

I bought this album on Amazon last week.

It was recorded on May 28th 1977 in Hartford, Connecticut, which was the last show of the band’s 26-date Spring tour of that year. There is a full track listing in this link.

The album opens with well-known tracks and concert staples but also previews music that would soon be released on the Terrapin Station album.

This Rhino release is a real gem, the band are tight and well-focussed on the music, Jerry is in great form vocally and on the guitar and everything just clicks. There isn’t a great deal in the way of loose jamming, everything stays pretty tight, even on extended versions of Sugaree and Not Fade Away, which comes in just after a very abbreviated Drums and which itself segues into Wharf Rat.

Side Three is the real stand-out here, opening with Estimated Prophet, it moves into the first part of Playing in the Band which then shifts into Terrapin Station, before the afore-mentioned Drums, Not Fade Away and Wharf Rat. The second part of Playing in the Band wraps up this section and the concert closes with One More Saturday Night and and encore of US Blues.

It was clearly one of those glorious nights when the band has that almost telepathic ability to mesh and everything just slots together and swings nicely.

One thought on “The Grateful Dead – To Terrapin: Hartford ’77

  1. Hi CaroleB

    Just mentioned this album as, following years of dabbling, my real doorway into the music of the Dead on Chris’s What Another Man Spills site. It really is fantastic and there are classic cuts of some of my fave GD toons: Tennessee Jed and Sugaree. Bertha and everything on Disc3. I’m now collecting more Dead concerts through Dick ‘n’ Dave’s Picks and enjoying every one of them. I’m also loving Chris’s journey throught the Europe 72 tour. Ah, the miracle of the Internet that can engender such pleasure.

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