We went to Wahaca last December. It is a Mexican restaurant started up by former Masterchef winner Thomasina Miers. We had been wanting to visit Wahaca for ages, both of us being big fans of Mexican food.

There are currently three branches of Wahaca and we visited the one in Covent Garden, which I think was the original one.

The atmosphere is informal and the food is derived from Mexican snacks and street food, but a million miles away from the generic Tex-Mex pap that gets served up in a lot of UK Mexican restaurants.

The service was quick and friendly, also very helpful for anyone who doesn’t really know Mexican food.

The menu really aims to offer up a variety of flavours and textures and the small dishes are the best way to enjoy what is on offer.

Basically there are lots of variations on tacos, quesadillas, tostadas and other well-known Mexican favourites, all cooked to order and delivered as soon as they are ready. You won’t have something hanging around on the pass while the rest of your order is still cooking.

Pork pibil tacos

The pork pibil tacos were the first thing to arrive and they were gorgeous; subtly spiced shredded pork with a red onion pickle and a dollop of black beans on soft tortillas. We had intended to wait for the other things to arrive but they were so delicious smelling that we started straight away.

Guacamole and scratchings

To go with our drinks, one beer and one non-alcoholic cocktail, we had ordered a tub of pork scratchings with a bowl of the best guacamole I have ever eaten in a restaurant. The guacamole was also a nice addition to the various plates that we had chosen.

Among the other dishes we ordered were two kinds of quesadillas (cheese and black bean and potato and chorizo), both excellent, and black bean and salsa tostadas.


If I was going to be picky, I’d say that the tostadas were the weakest dish we ate, there was a lot of liquid coming from the salsa and that made the crisp tortillas soggy, but even so, they tasted fine.

Black bean tostadas

For those who like it hot, there are bottles of wickedly hot chilli sauce on the tables to add an extra kick but take care because it is a seriously hot sauce. You can just see the sauce bottle behind the beer in the first photo.

Overall, we gave Wahaca a big thumbs up and we are looking forward to another visit the next time we are in London.


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