Gordon Brown to step down

So, Gordon Brown has announced that he is stepping down as leader of the Labour Party.

This is a fascinating development, as Brown was one of the stumbling blocks to a Lib/Lab coalition in the Commons.

I suppose that we could speculate about what this might mean for the prospects of a deal that creates a progressive “Rainbow” coalition, but it is probably worth waiting to see how Nick Clegg responds and what happens next in the discussions between the Lib Dems and the Tories. It appears that leading Lib Dem MPs are urging Clegg to listen to what Labour can offer before striking any kind of a deal.

It would seem that Labour is offering far greater concessions on Electoral Reform that what the Tories have proposed. Brown did, after all, mention a firm commitment to a referendum on PR.

So, things are still not decided and the plot continues to thicken.


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