Le Louchébem

Le Louchébem is a restaurant in central Paris, in the 1eme arrondissement on the corner of the rue Berger and the rue des Prouvaires.

The word louchébem is Parisian slang for boucher, i.e. butcher. The name comes from the days when the Forum des Halles was actually Les Halles, the central food market for the city of Paris.

The restaurant is, as you can imagine, dedicated to serving meat in all its forms, so not exactly a place to go for vegetarians.

However, for the dedicated carnivore, it really cannot be recommended strongly enough. The restaurant specialises in meat and poultry cooked on the rôtisserie and also does amazing steaks.

The menu is traditional stuff; the starters include such standards as Escargots de Bourgogne, fromage de tête, la soupe à l’oignon gratinée and the classic Os à Moelle, beef marrow served in the bones with salt and toasted bread and the desserts are also classics like Poires Belle Hélène, Crème Brûlée, Îles Flottante, Tarte Tatin and various ice creams.

However, it is really all about the meat.

Apart from the roasted items and the steaks, you can enjoy such things as pied de porc pané, andouillettes, steak tartare and carré d’agneau.

The wine list is typical of what you would expect to find in Paris; reliable French red and white wines chosen to complement your meaty feast, basically. There is also the usual range of apéritifs and digestifs to bracket your meal with.

The restaurant is incredibly popular and very busy. If you don’t have a reservation, you may well have to queue for a table.

The service is brisk and efficient, pretty much what you would expect really.

You are not going to get Michelin starred food here, neither are you going to get plates decorated with swooshes of coloured purées, drizzled with unusual oils or garnished with foraged wild flowers.

What you will get are classic starters and desserts, superbly cooked meat dishes and a fantastic ambience, right in the heart of Paris.


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