Au Vieux Châtelet

The Brasserie Au Vieux Châtelet is situated in the Place du Châtelet in central Paris and shares the same block as the Théâtre du Châtelet and the Café Zimmer.

It is a traditional sort of place and is very popular with the theatre crowd, unsurprisingly, and also with office workers having an apéro before heading off home (Châtelet is the biggest and busiest Métro and RER station in Paris).

It is probably a good idea to eat at the Vieux Châtelet after the early evening crowd has gone into the theatre, or the service is likely to be pretty busy and you may end up waiting quite a while.

The interior is fairly traditional, all wood panelling, brass and leather banquettes, with tables for food both downstairs and up in what I suppose is best described as a mezzanine.

The food is pretty standard stuff and none the worse for that. It isn’t somewhere you would go for a great dining out experience but it is a good place for a meal if you are in central Paris and haven’t booked or don’t fancy a longish wait for a table at Bofinger (which is always worth making time to go and visit for a meal).

A typical meal could consist of Escargots de Bourgogne;

Followed by Choucroute garnie, here the choucroute is served with a substantial ham hock and a variety of other meats and sausages.;

And rounded off with Îles flottantes;

The wine list is basic stuff and reasonable value and the service is brisk and efficient – unless the place is heaving with theatre goers, as I have already said.

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