Lamb and chorizo brochettes

As the lovely warm weather is continuing, my cooking is still in a kind of Mediterranean mode.

For last night’s meal, I made these brochettes. The ingredients were;

A fillet end of a leg of lamb, boned, cubed and trimmed
Half a piccante chorizo sausage
One green and one orange pepper, cubed
Olive oil
Dried thyme
Piri piri sauce
Ground black pepper

The brochettes were prepared in advance by threading the ingredients onto the skewers and then marinating them in the olive oil, thyme, piri piri and pepper.

To go with the brochettes, I made a green salad of Romaine lettuce, green chicory and sweet pointed green cabbage, all finely shredded and mixed together with half moons of thinly sliced seeded cucumber.

I also sliced up some ripe tomatoes and I cooked some rice with turmeric and a little pimenton. Finally, I made a vinaigrette with Dijon mustard, 1/3 cider vinegar, 2/3 extra virgin olive oil and sea salt and black pepper.

To cook the brochettes, I heated a ridged griddle until smoking hot and seared the brochettes on all sides for about 10 minutes, so that the meat was charred on the outside but pink inside and the peppers were a bit charred and caramelised.

When it was served, I lightly salted the brochettes and scattered roughly torn coriander leaves over the top as a garnish.

To accompany this, we drank a fantastically mature and mellow red wine, the 2000 Palacio de Valdeinfante, a 100% Tempranillo Vino de la Tierra de Extremadura from Laithwaites. A lovely mature wine which is unfortunately no longer available. It had 24 months in oak before bottling and together with the lengthy time spent in the bottle afterwards the wine was wonderfully soft, with vanilla from the oak, spiciness and a rich fruitiness, backed up with the softened tannins to give it some considerable depth.

As a region, Extremadura isn’t particularly well known, but there are clearly some excellent wines to be had from there and they have that Spanish capacity for ageing well and softening, if the few examples that I have drunk are anything to go by.


One thought on “Lamb and chorizo brochettes

  1. Oh that looks so delicious. If only lamb wasn’t so expensive out here. A friend of mine has a few lambs and she’s trying to decide if she can spare half of it – which sounds a lot but it only works out to two legs and a few chops. she keeps the girls and sends the boys off to lamb heaven. Harsh having livestock really.

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