Veal meatballs with pasta

Veal meatballs, tomato and garlic sauce, tagliatelle and grated Parmesan

This evening I felt like some pasta. I had some veal meatballs in the freezer that I made a while ago, so I got them out to use in the lovely simple dish.

The meatballs were just veal mince, chopped rosemary, some breadcrumbs, a bit of grated Parmesan and salt and pepper. Once defrosted, I sautéed them lightly in olive oil and then added them to the simmering sauce.

The sauce was even simpler, just chopped garlic softened in olive oil, a tin of chopped tomatoes reduced down and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Once the tagliatelle was cooked, I added that to the sauce, stirred it together gently to coat the pasta with the sauce and served it with grated Parmesan and some freshly ground black pepper.

We had a bottle of Sangiovese di Romagna, a fairly simple red wine made from the great red grape of Tuscany that is used to make Chianti and also Vino Nobile de Montepulciano.

We ought to eat more veal in the UK. It isn’t the “cruel” meat of the past. British veal isn’t raised in crates, that has been illegal for years, and male veal calves are an unwanted by-product of the dairy industry. If we don’t eat them in the UK, they get exported to Europe which is far more stressful than keeping them and raising them locally until it is time to send them to slaughter. We eat pigs, lambs and beef cattle, so why not veal too?

Apart from that, we should eat British veal because it is gorgeous versatile and tasty meat.


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