Seafood in saffron broth

Seafood in saffron broth, with rice

I had the chance to cook myself some fish tonight. My partner can’t eat fish and even the smell of it can upset her at times, so when she is out in the evening I often take the opportunity to do myself something involving seafood.

This was quite straightforward.

I had some cubed tuna steak, some queen scallops and some raw king prawns.

I had some concentrated fish stock that I diluted and used to cook some rice and I steeped some saffron threads in the remainder.

I sautéed some crushed garlic, two chopped Thai red chillies and sliced spring onions in olive oil and a little butter, then I added in some seeded and chopped tomatoes and sweated it down a bit before adding in the saffron stock and the juice of a lemon.

I then added the fish, seasoned with salt and black pepper and simmered for about five minutes, with a lid on the pan to steam the fish.

I tasted the broth and added a little more salt and served it, garnished with chopped green coriander.

It was lovely with a glass of chilled Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay.


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