Chicken enchilada

Or maybe it is a burrito?

Anyway, on Friday we had takeaway pizzas from a local Italian restaurant and, nice though they were, I wasn’t going to write about them.

So, last night I did a Mexican-style thing. There seems to be a lot of cheap avocados around at the moment and therefore guacamole is a nice and easy thing to make. Last night, the guacamole was a bit more fiery, because I added in finely chopped red and green chillies.

I am not sure technically what the chicken wrap thing is, it could be an enchilada or it could be a burrito, except that it was baked in the oven.

I used wheat flour tortilla wraps and the filling was shredded chicken breast, cooked with onions, garlic, red peppers, chopped coriander, lime juice, salt, pepper, a Mexican blended chilli powder, pimenton and some soaked and chopped dried chipotles and some grated cheddar cheese.

I served the enchilada with the guacamole and some shredded lettuce with vinaigrette and some pickled sliced jalapeño peppers and with some Cholula chilli sauce drizzed along the top of the enchilada.

We drank an Argentinian Ascencion Malbec 2007 from Laithwaites with the food. It is a big wine, with bags of fruit and a spicy finish and stood up well to the complex chilli and spice flavours of the Mexican food.

Unfortunately, the 2007 is no longer available but I think that Argentinian Malbecs are generally a good choice to accompany spicy food and are widely available from most wine merchants and supermarkets.


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