More Mediterranean flavours

As the warm weather continues, we carry on with our sunny, Summery meals.

To start we had a simple antipasti; fennel-flavoured salami or Finocchiona and a gorgeous prosciutto from Source in St Nicholas’ Market and olives, eaten with some lovely crusty bread

Afterwards, we had a griddled pork chop, marinated with thyme, olive oil and lemon juice, and sliced tomatoes and a green salad with a nice vinaigrette. A kind of Greek dish, I suppose, but pretty much generic southern European really.

The chop was Gloucester Old Spot, beautifully mature pig and cooked so the outside was slightly charred but the interior remained juicy.

To drink we had a bottle of Esprit de Buganay Rosé 2009 Côtes de Provence from Waitrose.

A lovely light and crisp Summer Rosé that we had started earlier, so we had to have a red with the pork and we opened a bottle of Chateau Mugron 2007 from Laithwaites.

A Bordeaux Supérieur AOC, the wine was one of those clarets that really demands to be drunk quite young. Very forward on the palate, fruity and with some oak, it is a predominantly Merlot wine with some Cabernet Sauvignon. The taste is of ripe cherries wit some depth and finish, refined and with enough body to stand up to pretty rich food.


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