Chicken in a tomato, smoked bacon and cream sauce

I wrote yesterday about the lovely Gloucester Old Spot pork chops I bought in Source in St Nicholas’ market in central Bristol. Well, while in there, I also bought two lovely plump free-range chicken breasts.

I cooked them today in a rich sauce of tomato passata, smoked bacon lardons, minced onions and garlic, white wine and cream.

First, I cooked the chicken skin side down in olive oil and butter, removed them and then sautéed the onion, garlic and lardons in the same pan, adding a splash of white wine, salt and pepper and some tomato passata.

I cooked this down for a few minutes and then returned the chicken to the pan and cooked the dish on a low heat until the chicken was cooked.

At this point I added some chopped parsley and some cream and cooked this for a minute or two longer until the sauce was nicely amalgamated.

I served this with steamed spinach and new potatoes, garnished with more parsley.

We drank a bottle of Loire Valley red wine, Domaine des Mailloches 2008 AOC Bourgueil, with this dish.

I have written elsewhere about the AOC Bourgueil wines and this was a typical example of how well the Cabernet Franc grape can do when planted in the right environment; fruity but dry and with some nice tannin and acidity it is a wine that will keep for a few years more while still being a delicious wine already.


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