Thai yellow curry with seafood

I made a mixed seafood curry tonight, made with prawns, squid rings and tiny queen scallops.

I used a bought Thai yellow curry paste, which is really lovely and aromatic. I diluted it in some hot water and left it aside.

I sautéed a couple of finely chopped red shallots, some minced garlic and a minced green chilli in sunflower oil and added in a chopped green pepper, one of the long, pale green ones that you often see in Middle Eastern shops, cooking it for about a minute and then adding in the seafood items.

When the prawns started to go pink, I added in the yellow curry paste, a splash of nam pla, the juice of a lime and a small can of creamed coconut.

I cooked this for a couple of minutes and stirred in some cornflour paste to thicken it slightly and added in some chopped fresh coriander.

I served the curry with jasmine rice and some more chopped fresh coriander.

To drink, I opened a bottle of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, a Quintay Alto Los Pumas 2009 from the Casablanca Valley. Dry and fruity, this worked well with the curry flavours.


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