Fish enchilada

Well, maybe an enchilada or maybe something else. As I wrote before, I am never sure what to call these things.

Anyway, the filling is cubes of cod cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and served in wheat tortillas and garnished with a salad of shredded Cos lettuce and green coriander, chilli sauce and pickled jalapeño peppers.

The sauce was just some chopped and seeded tomato and diced onion simmered in a tiny amount of olive oil, with chopped parsley and coriander, a chopped green chilli, some Ancho chilli powder, a chopped piece of soaked dried pasilla chilli, salt, pepper and lemon juice, plus some of the rusty-coloured chilli soaking water.

The wine for this meal was a Marques de Calatrava 100% tempranillo rosado from La Mancha. It is a big fruity rosé wine, strong enough to stand up to the chilli spice flavours of the salsa but with some lovely ripe strawberry flavours. The wine was from Waitrose, but they don’t seem to have it listed on their website.


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