A simple cheese and ham omelette

Absolute simplicity tonight, a classic rolled three egg omelette with some ham and grated cheese inside and a small green salad.

Sometimes the simple things really are the best.

Omelettes are so simple to make that it is hardly a recipe, more of a process. I do my omelettes the same way that Elizabeth David did hers. I don’t think that it can really be improved as a method.

All you need is a hot pan, three beaten and lightly seasoned eggs and some butter with a touch of oil to stop the butter burning.

Melt the butter and let it darken slightly and then pour the eggs into the pan. When they start to set after about 15 seconds, tilt the pan and pull the omelette back with a spatula and let the runny egg pour into the gap, repeat on the other side of the omelette and cook for about 15 seconds more. Add your filling if you are making a filled omelette and fold once. You want to keep a bit of runniness on the inside of the omelette.

When you tip out the omelette you fold it again, creating the rolled effect.

You can garnish it with a bit of chopped parsley if you like.

I cook my omelettes in an old cast iron pan that is black with age and use and which is only ever washed with hot water and given a rub around with kitchen roll.

Alternative fillings that I like are;

grated Emmental or Gruyere cheese
a duxelles of mushrooms
skinned and seeded tomatoes, diced and sautéed to drive off the liquid
grated courgettes, sautéed in olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and chopped herbs
leftover steamed asparagus, cut into chunks and dressed in Hollandaise Sauce

You can try lots of fillings, but most need to be pre-cooked because the omelette itself only takes about a minute to cook.


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