Barbecue sauce-roasted pork shoulder steaks

This is what we had last night.

All very simple, you just cook the pork in the oven, in the sauce, which is made like this;

Barbecue Sauce

I start off with some shop bought barbecue-flavoured brown sauce (I am using Amora (bought in France) at the moment but Cattlemen’s Smokehouse BBQ Sauce works well). To this I add a tablespoonful of hot chilli sauce, some tomato ketchup, a big splash of red wine vinegar, a couple of tablespoonfuls of soy sauce, a dollop of honey and a teaspoonful of Jamaican jerk seasoning, mixing well and tasting it.

I adjust the flavour so that it seems right and then I add the meat and let it marinate for an hour or so.

Note that for large quantities of meat, you just scale this up so that you have enough sauce to cover all the meat you want to cook.

Before cooking , I line the oven dish with tinfoil because the sauce sticks really firmly and is difficult to get off unless you wash the dish immediately after cooking.

WE drank one of the bottles we brought back from our holiday. It was a bottle of Vinsobres AOC Cuvee Ambre from the Cave La Vinsobraise and it worked very nicely with the richness of the sauce.


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