Indian-style lamb koftas

I’ve written about Lamb Koftes before and I have also posted about Greek lamb patties, which are really just a variation on the theme.

The thing is, I like koftes/koftas a lot. they are easy to make and they are quick and economical.

This version is Indian-inspired, my take on those tandoori koftas that you get in every Indian restaurant in the country.

All you need is;

500 gm minced lamb
1 teaspoonful each of;
Kashmiri chilli powder
Ground turmeric
Ground cumin
Ground coriander
Dried chopped mint
Half a teaspoonful of allspice
Salt and pepper

You mix the spices into the meat and shape them into little sausage shapes. It helps if you make your hands wet before you start.

You can make these in advance or you can cook them immediately.

I prefer to cook them on a very hot ridged griddle but I suppose you could fry them, cook them in the oven or do them on a barbecue.

I served them with a simple salad of red and white cabbale, sliced onion and shredded Cos lettuce, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice, some sliced tomatoes and a raita made from yoghurt, lemon juice, mint sauce, grated cucumber and finely diced mild red chilli.

I garnished the dish with some bottled Indian hot green sauce made from mint green mango and chilli and some Encona red chilli sauce.

We ate this with some shop bought naan breads from Lidl.


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