Pork, chorizo and potato casserole

The weather has taken something of an Autumnal turn over the last few days and last night the idea of salad didn’t really seem to hit the spot.

However, I had some pork steaks in the fridge and some chorizo, so I decided to make a Spanish-influenced casserole, with potatoes, onions, yellow peppers and tomatoes added to the diced pork and chorizo. For seasoning, I added in some chopped red chilli and pimenton piccante.

I love using the earthenware dish in the photo. It can be used on the hob without a risk of it cracking and that makes it hugely versatile and it also looks good on the table too.

All I did was heat up some olive oil and added in chopped garlic and onions and cooked them for a bit before adding in the chorizo, then the chilli and pimenton, then the pork, diced peppers and unpeeled cubed Charlotte potatoes, sautéing everything for a couple of minutes and then adding in a tin of chopped tomatoes and a bit of water and simmering everything for around 40 minutes, stirring occasionally.

I served it with chopped parsley on top and we helped ourselves from the dish, with crusty bread to soak up all the lovely spicy juices.

As a variation, you could also do this with tinned and drained butter beans or any other tinned pulse, or you could use chicken pieces, sausages or cubed lamb instead of pork. The chorizo is pretty much essential though, I think.

You could also serve it with rice, you might want to leave out the potatoes in that case.


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