Pork goulash and pappardelle

Well, a kind of goulash/paprikash sort of thing really. Not really massively authentic, I suppose, but simple and tasty.

The meat sauce was made with a sauté of onions, garlic, mild chilli and sliced green and red peppers, with some Hungarian paprika, salt, pepper and dried thyme stirred in and then cubes of pork shoulder and sliced dried Hungarian sausage (a bit like chorizo) were added and cooked for a bit until the paprika started to colour everything and then I added chopped tomatoes and water and simmered it until the pork was done. I stirred in some soured cream and let it thicken up and served it with egg pappardelle.

As this is a pretty hearty dish, I would think that any full-bodied red wine would work well, or even a decent Czech or German beer.

We drank a lovely Côtes du Rhône red from the Cave de St-Pantaléon-les-Vignes but any similar red would work well, as would most Spanish red wines too.


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