Rigatoni with Italian-style sausages and tomato sauce

Last night after work I went to Waitrose and they had some nice looking Italian-style pork and veal sausages, very garlicky and herby, so a sausage and pasta dish seemed a good idea.

I cut the sausages into four pieces each and sautéed them in a pan that I had already used to cook down some cubed pancetta in olive oil. When the sausages had taken up some colour, I added a finely chopped red chilli, a chopped red onion and some chopped red, yellow and green pepper and sautéed them until they softened and added in a few quartered mushrooms, cooked it for a bit longer and then seasoned it and added a tin of chopped tomatoes and cooked the whole thing for around 40 minutes.

I cooked some rigatoni which I added to the cooked dish and served it with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

We also had some crusty bread and a bottle of 2007 Côtes du Rhône ‘Les Abeilles’ from Laithwaites. This was the last bottle of a half dozen I bought a year or so ago and it worked well with the food, although an Italian red would have been a more traditional pairing.


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