Roast pork and apple sauce

I have been working away from home for the last five or six weeks in Denmark, only returning home late on Thursday evenings and flying back on Sunday afternoons. Therefore, I only have Friday and Saturday evenings as times I am cooking meals.

This has meant that I have been almost obsessed with comfort food and last night was no exception.

I did a Sunday roast to have on Saturday evening; roast belly pork, cabbage, carrots, roast potatoes and home-made apple sauce.

Nothing too difficult there really. I seasoned the pork on the meat side with ground fennel seeds, salt and black pepper and rubbed the scored skin with salt and olive oil to help the crackling cook properly.

The spuds were par-boiled and roasted in rapeseed oil and the carrots and cabbage were just steamed. I don’t think you need to do too much with the veg when the meat has so much flavour.

The apple sauce was just Cox’s apples diced and cooked down with some butter, cider vinegar and cloves.

There was gravy too, but it was still finishing off in the roasting pan when I took the photo.

We had an excellent Cru Bourgeois claret to drink; Chateau Segonzac 2006, a Premières Côtes de Blaye from Waitrose. The 2006s are all gone now, but they do have the 2007 available.

I like wines from this appellation, they are relatively cheap by Bordeaux standards and offer good wine at an excellent price. Merlot predominates but there is always sufficient Cabernet Sauvignon to stiffen the wine and add some much needed depth to the Merlot, which can be bland in the wrong hands.


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