Bavette aux échalotes

Bavette aux échalotes is one of those French bistro classics that I love to eat in Paris, or anywhere else really.

Bavette is skirt steak, which I have written about before. This cut is really one of the best value ones you can buy. The bavette I used today was really nicely hung and therefore pretty tender.

It doesn’t really need a recipe, you just need to keep the meat nice and pink inside. The shallots need to be cooked for about 30 minutes, quite often in France they serve them in a kind of beef stock-based sauce, but I prefer them just just fried until golden.

With some fried potatoes and a small salad, the dish is complete.

As for wine, well you can pretty much drink anything red. We had a bottle of 2008 Fleurie tonight, Beaujolais is such a Parisian standard that it seems almost obligatory.


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