Chicken Kiev, chips and peas

A retro-style dinner. I like a bit of retro.

Making your own chicken Kievs isn’t difficult.

All you need is one chicken breast per person, garlic butter, flour, beaten egg and panko crumbs.

You make an insertion along the length of the breast with a sharp knife, starting at the thick end and trying to avoid the knife breaking through the flesh.

Next, you roll the garlic butter into sausage shapes and push it down inside, closing the end with a cocktail stick.

Finally, you flour, egg and crumb the breasts and leave them in the fridge.

To cook them, you just heat some oil and butter in a pan and fry the breasts, turning them so they cook evenly.

Inevitably, you will lose some of the butter from inside, but you can pour the cooking oil and butter over the breasts when you serve them, if you wish.

To keep the retro feel going, I served them simply; with chips and petits pois.

We drank a nice simple red wine with this meal, a 2008 Bourgogne Pinot Noir from the Cave des Vignerons de Buxy.

A good basic red Burgundy from the Côte Chalonnaise, this wine went really well with the dish. Not too heavy, but with nice fruit, freshness and acidity, it is a wine that works well with chicken.

2 thoughts on “Chicken Kiev, chips and peas

  1. Carole: wonderful blog, you must eat like a queen! I’ve always been interested in your comments on the online cooking articles at the G. Beautifully presented, beautiful photos.

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