Another way with roast chicken

Roast chicken with courgettes niçoise and polenta crusted roast potatoes.

The chicken was stuffed with some cubed stale bread, mixed with thyme and marjoram, salt and pepper and an egg and milk to bind it all together.

I put garlic, herbs and butter under the skin of the chicken’s breast and roasted it in olive oil.

The potatoes were par-boiled and rolled in polenta and then roasted in sunflower oil.

The courgettes were topped and tailed, peeled in places to give them a striped appearance and sliced and then sautéed in olive oil with tomatoes, chopped parsley, salt and pepper and black olives.

A simple dish and a nicely Provençal take on a traditional Sunday roast.

We drank a nicely mature Côtes du Rhône, a 2006 Château Boucarut, a Syrah and Grenache blend with enough are to soften the tannins but still with plenty of backbone and a rich spiciness.


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