Chicken and tomato curry

This was made with the leftover spicy tomato and lentil soup that I wrote about last week.

Using spicy soups as a sauce base for quick curries works pretty well, it isn’t really that far away from what a lot of Indian takeaways do with sauce bases anyway.

I sautéed some chopped onion and garlic in mustard oil until the onions were well coloured and added in two large chopped tomatoes, some chopped green coriander and a heaped teaspoonful of garam masala, half a teaspoonful of turmeric powder and the same of Kashmiri chilli powder.

I stirred this all together and added two cubed chicken breasts, cooked these until they lost their pinkness and then added in the leftover soup, plus some boiling water.

This only took 15 minutes to cook and that was enough time to cook some Basmati rice and frozen peas, coloured with turmeric.

A really quick and simple alternative to the takeaway.


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