Spinach and paneer curry

Also known as Palak Paneer or Saag Paneer.

I was planning this anyway, but it was on a repeat of an old Hairy Bikers programme last night as well, so that was a nice coincidence.

They had a nice hint, which was to coat the cubes of paneer in a mixture of garam masala and polenta and then fry the cubes until they had a crisp coating. So, I decided to give that a go.

The curry was a basic one made with a base of onion and garlic sautéed in ghee with a few dried red chillies and a couple of dried bay leaves, to which I added a spice mix made from a teaspoon each of garam masala, turmeric, Kashmiri chilli powder, ground cumin and ground coriander and once that was all mixed in nicely, a tin of chopped tomatoes, salt and pepper.

When this had simmered for about 15 minutes, I added in a bag of baby spinach and a handful of chopped coriander, covered the pan and waited for the spinach to wilt. Then I added in the juice of one lemon and returned the paneer to the pan. Once this had warmed through, I served the curry with plain Basmati rice and a garnish of more coriander.


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