Taco boats

I saw these and I had to try them. They are Discovery brand taco trays, pre-formed taco shapes basically that you heat up in the oven to make them crisp.

I filled them with refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, salsa and beef picadillo and topped them off with grated cheese, coriander and jalapeƱos.

I didn’t really do much cooking; the salsa, guacamole and refried beans were bought, all I did was cook some beef mince with Ancho chilli powder, pimenton dulce and some onion, garlic and tomatoes.

I think that it turned out pretty well, it was a fun thing and so easy to do.


2 thoughts on “Taco boats

  1. OMG!!!!! I’ve been looking for these trays. I used to eat them in elementary school and made them when I was pregnant with my first daughter 9 years ago. I’ve gone back numerous times to try to purchase it from the local grocer. Every time I went in, I thought they were out of stock but come to find out, they don’t carry them anymore : ( Where did you purchase the shells from??? btw… I’m trying to avoid 15 dollars shipping if possible : )

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