Beef fillet with vegetables

Last night was a fairly simple dish, with clean flavours.

The centre-piece was a slice of fillet steak, seasoned with pepper and sautéed in butter with a little oil, so that it was rare-to-medium inside. While this was resting, I made a light sauce with some stock infused with fresh thyme, which I used to deglaze the pan I’d cooked the steak in and then reduced a bit and thickened slightly with some cornflour paste and finally strained.

The vegetables were some Charlotte potatoes, finished off with some butter and steamed baby vegetables.

To drink, we had a bottle of claret. Bordeaux wines work well with fillet, which isn’t the strongest flavoured cut of beef. The wine we chose was a Château Roc de Pellebouc 2008 from Laithwaites, a nice fruity Bordeaux red which they do not seem to be listing any more, although it does seem to be available elsewhere. The website for the château is here. This is a predominantly Merlot wine with about 10% Cabernet Sauvignon for added backbone.


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