Pork shoulder steaks in a Mexican chilli sauce

The sauce is inspired by chipotle in adobo but isn’t really authentic, well I don’t think it is.

I made it from dried chillies, soaked and chopped, a chopped green fresh chilli, diced onion, crushed garlic, tinned tomatoes, chopped coriander and parsley, a splash of cider vinegar, salt and pepper and a little bit of sugar, all sautéed together and then liquidised with the chilli soaking water.

The chillies I used were chipotle, pasilla, ancho and guadillo.

I put the pork shoulder steaks in an oven dish and covered them in the sauce. I baked this for about an hour covered in foil and then finished it off uncovered for about 20 minutes.

I made guacamole to go with this and served some plain rice on the side, some home made corn tortilla chips and pickled jalapeño peppers.

It was pretty hot and spicy, so it really needed a big wine. The one I chose was a 2008 Gestos Syrah, by Finca Flichman, from Mendoza in Argentina. It is from Waitrose and it is a lovely wine to partner food.

This is a big wine, 14% alcohol but not obtrusively so. It has fruit but also depth and finesse and it really can stand up to big food flavours.


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