Roast guinea fowl

Guinea fowls are very much like chicken in flavour, but a little bit more pronounced. Sometimes you see the flavour referred to as gamey but I don’t think that it is really. It is drier than chicken though and therefore needs care when cooking.

I roasted the bird with oil and butter in an oven dish that had some white wine in it, to help keep the bird moist, and also covered the breast in some rashers of pancetta. After seasoning with some dried fine herbes and black pepper, I roasted it in a hot oven for an hour, basting it frequently.

I sautéed some sliced mushrooms with parsley in butter and simmered these in some more white wine, and then set this aside until the bird was cooked.

I rested the guinea fowl while I added the cooked mushrooms and wine the roasting dish, cooked this around for a few minutes and then stirred in a couple of tablespoons of crème fraiche.

Guinea fowls are not large birds but there is easily enough meat for two. I served a nice slice of breast meat and the drumstick from the leg, together with some of the crisp pancetta as a garnish. The rest of the meat will end up in something for a lunch next week, probably sandwiches or in a salad.

To go with this, some mashed potatoes and green beans finished off in butter was all that it needed, plus a nice bottle of wine. We could have drunk a white here, Burgundy would have worked well, but we had a 2006 Grand Cru St Emilion from Château Roc de Boisseaux. As a vintage 2006 is overshadowed by 2005 but there are some decent wines around and this mostly Merlot wine was fruity and with soft tannins from the time spent in oak.


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