Roast pork Sunday roast dinner

I had a joint cut off of a whole piece of boned and rolled pork spare rib in the butcher yesterday.

I roasted it resting on some sprigs of thyme and sliced red onion for flavour, with olive oil and salt rubbed into the skin.

It took about two hours in a gas mark 6 oven.

To go with it we had roast potatoes, baton carrots and steamed kale, plus some lovely gravy made from the pan juices and roasted onion with vegetable stock, plus some nice crackling too.

It was a real old-fashioned Sunday roast and none the worse for it. Comfort food par excellence.

To drink we had a 2008 St Nicolas de Bourgueil from the Domaine Guy Hersard, a nice rich Cabernet Franc wine from the more gravelly part of the AOC area with some good structure, nice tannins and a lot of dee, mouth-filling fruit.


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