Pork, butter bean and chorizo casserole

This is one of those one pot dishes that I love. Minimal washing up and lots of flavour. I’ve posted a similar dish before, so apologies if anyone reads this and thinks it is a spot of deja vu.

This uses belly pork cut into chunks, with chorizo sausage, tinned butter beans, red peppers, onions and garlic, smoked pimenton, potatoes and tinned tomatoes to provide a Spanish influence.

All you do is sauté the peppers, onions and garlic in some olive oil and add in the chorizo cut into nice bite-sized pieces.

This cooks for a few minutes until the oil takes up a lovely orangey-red colour and then you add in the pork and cook that for a few minutes before adding in everything else, maybe with some water and kletting the whole thing simmer for about an hour.

It is great on its own, but you can add a green salad, some crusty bread and a bottle of something red and Spanish to make it a really good supper.

For a bit of a variation, you can break one egg per person into the pan towards the end of the cooking time. The eggs cook quite quickly in the heat from the casserole. Alternately, you can just top the dish off with a fried egg each.

Rioja would be good here, as would pretty much any other full-bodied wine, but I think that something with Garnacha and Tempranillo works best.

The leftovers are also great reheated a day or two later.


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