Sunday night roast chicken

It seems like ages since I’ve written anything, mainly because we ate out on Friday and Saturday.

Anyway, tonight it was roast chicken – probably my favourite comfort roast ever.

The bird was just roasted in a hot oven with salt, pepper and olive oil and served with roast potatoes and a vegetable stew made with onions, garlic, tomatoes, cubed aubergine and chunks of red peppers, all cooked down with olive oil, salt, pepper, Aleppo pepper and allspice, and then with lots of fresh chopped coriander stirred in at the end of the cooking time; a kind of Middle-Eastern version of ratatouille really.

The wine we had was a bottle of 2010 Mas des Bressades Costières de Nîmes from Oddbins.

This is a big gutsy southern red, a blend of Syrah and Grenache that is spicy and rich and which will improve over the next couple of years. Great will well-flavoured food and also a good bottle to just open and enjoy by itself.


One thought on “Sunday night roast chicken

  1. Well now I am hungering for a nicely roasted chicken, but as your Space looks a most delightful environment I won’t cause a stir, and will just call by my fridge for something a little less attractive to the taste buds… Have a most exquisite start to your week Carole…


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