Gnocchi with a tomato and basil sauce

A really simple dish, this one. The gnocchi were bought ones – I will do a post at some point about home-made gnocchi, because they aren’t that difficult.

The sauce was a simple one, made with pancetta, garlic chopped tinned tomatoes, parsley and basil sautéed in olive oil, with more torn up basil added in at the end of the cooking time. One of those basic sauces that everyone should have as a standby.

We had this with some home-made garlic bread and lots of freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Any fruity and uncomplicated red wine will work with food like this, Italian wines spring to mind but we drank a very enjoyable Costières de Nîmes from Waitrose. It was a really good choice, fruity and rich, well able to stand up to a tomato sauce and with enough depth to make it more than just a glass of red to go with food.


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