Tabbouleh with chicken and lamb ribs

Tabbouleh is a great salad. It is made by soaking bulghur wheat in boiling water until it becomes soft and then adding lemon juice and olive oil as a dressing, plus lots of chopped fresh herbs (I used mint, parsley and coriander here), tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions and olives and stirring everything together and letting the flavours blend.

You can add other things, cubes of feta are good, as are pomegranate seeds.

It makes a great base for meals involving marinated and grilled or roasted meat.

I boned some chicken thighs and marinated them in olive oil, ground cumin, coriander and chilli powder and also marinated some lamb ribs in lemon juice, olive oil, dried mint, sage and oregano and black pepper.

These were then roasted in a hot oven and served with warm pittas, the tabbouleh and chilli sauce.

A fruity, mouth-filling red wine works well here, or maybe a full-bodied chilled rosé. Either way, you want something reasonably uncomplicated. Syrah-based wines or blends with Syrah, Grenache and Carignan seem to be what are called for, I think, so the Languedoc and Rhône are the likeliest destinations.


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