Roast duck

Duck is a tricky bird to roast, because if you cook it so that the breast is done nicely, the legs will be underdone and if you cook it so that the legs are done properly the breast will be dried out.

The best way is to remove the legs for another dish and cook the breast as a crown.

This was what I did here. The legs were put into the freezer for another time and the breast and wings were simply roasted with salt rubbed into the skin.

To go with the duck, I roasted some previously cooked Jersey Royals in the same dish as the bird, duck fat is great for potatoes and I also steamed some asparagus and sautéed some courgettes in olive oil with a little pesto stirred in at the end.

Most red wines work well with duck and Bordeaux wines are a personal favourite here. The wine we drank was a 2001 Côtes de Bourg from Château Le Piat that we bought in 2006 when we were on holiday in the region.

This wine was pretty mature now, soft and with good structure and still with enough fruit to be fresh on the palate but with depth and some lovely soft mature tannins. We only have a couple of bottles left and I think that they will be gone by the end of the year.


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