Barbecue seasoned roast belly pork

I had a nice piece of belly pork without any rind and it occurred to me that roasting it with a barbecue twist would be a nice way of cooking it.

I used some Reggae Reggae Jerk sauce mixed with some chipotle paste as the flavouring component.

I rubbed this all over the meat with some cracked black pepper and left it in the fridge for the day.

I roasted the meat on a Gas Mark 6 for about two and a half hours, which left the meat lovely and tender.

While it was standing, I cooked some plain white long-grain rice and made a tomato, avocado, red onion, yellow Scotch Bonnet chilli, lime juice and coriander salsa.

With some salad leaves, this was a really nice alternative to a normal roast.

With this we drank a 1999 Reserva wine from the Cariñena region of Spain. The wine was wonderfully mature and was very much like a mature Riioja on the nose and palate. Some of these Spanish regions produce wines with a wonerful capacity for ageing at very reasonable prices.


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