Stuffed vegetables

The local greengrocer was selling big beef tomatoes yesterday and I decided to buy some for stuffing. I also bought some green and yellow peppers for the colour contrast.

I bought some minced lamb in the butcher and this formed the basis for the stuffing.

I soaked some bulghur wheat in boiling water while I softened some finely chopped shallots, crushed garlic and some pine nuts in olive oil, before adding the minced lamb, a teaspoon of allspice, salt, pepper, oregano and some tomato paste and cooking this down for about five minutes. Then I added the bulghur together with some golden sultanas and some chopped parsley and coriander and gave the stuffing about 10 minutes more on a low heat.

The peppers were simply sliced in half longways and stuffed and the tomatoes had the tops removed and the seeds and cores scooped out before they were also stuffed.

The vegetables were baked in a Mark 6 oven for about 45 minutes, drizzled with some more olive oil.

I served them with some shredded lettuce and baby tomatoes in a lemon juice and olive oil dressing and a garlicky tzatziki, with warmed pitta breads on the side.


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