Mixed seafood with buckwheat noodles

I had bought some squid, which I had cleaned and cut up, some raw king prawns and a few scallops.

I thought that a really nice thing would be a Chinese-influenced seafood dish.

I marinated the seafood in some light soy, a splash of Chinese black rice vinegar and some Shao Hsing rice wine.

I diced some fresh ginger and garlic, sliced some spring onions and chillies and made a paste with some cornflour.

The other ingredients were a handful of beansprouts, some toasted sesame oil, a pinch of sugar, some sunflower oil and some ground white pepper.

The buckwheat, or Soba, noodles take very little time to cook, so I put them on at the same time as I started cooking the main dish.

I heated up the oil in a wok and added the ginger, garlic, chilli, beansprouts and spring onions, stirring them for a few seconds before adding the seafood items, which were drained of their marinade.

These took about two minutes to cook, after which time I added the sugar and pepper, the marinade, the sesame oil and the cornflour paste.

This thickened up almost immediately and after draining the noodles, I put them into a bowl with the seafood in its sauce on top.


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