Holiday food – tomatoes and veal

I’ve just had a couple of weeks away in the Vaucluse department in Provence. One of the best things about being in that part of France is the quality of the local produce and I think that simplicity is the best way with such excellent ingredients. This tomato salad is a good example; really ripe, tasty tomatoes, local good extra virgin olive oil, some lemon juice, finely chopped white onion, fresh basil, salt and pepper together make a dish that can be eaten as a side dish or with maybe some good cheese and crusty bread as a light lunch.

Here, the salad is an accompaniment to a griddled veal chop with a cream and mushroom sauce, and frites.

The same tomatoes are served again in a salad with radishes with this simple veal steak, sautéed with some olive oil and butter and served with frites.

Veal is a wonderful meat and the cuts I used were from grass-fed, free range calves, with no cruelty involved. We really should eat more veal, it is a by-product of the dairy industry and so long as the calves are properly reared it is the same as eating any other meat.


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