Not holiday food – a pork, sweet potato and aubergine curry

I had some chunky pork shoulder steaks which seemed to me would work in a curry, with an aubergine and a sweet potato that were lurking around from before my holiday.

I made a dry marinade of 1 teaspoonful each of Kashmiri chilli powder, ground cumin, coriander and turmeric, dried ground ginger, ground cinnamon, salt and white pepper. I left the cubed pork in this for about an hour.

After sizzling a few black mustard seeds in hot sunflower oil, I sautéed a finely diced onion, some crushed garlic and a chopped Scotch Bonnet chilli in the same oil until the onion started to colour. Then I added the diced sweet potato and aubergine, plus a diced tomato and cooked this down for a few minutes before adding the pork and dry spice mix. I cooked this for a few minutes longer until the smell of the spices was nicely developed and then added some boiled water and a small tin of creamed coconut and simmered the dish in a covered pan until the meat was cooked through.

With some plain Basmati rice and a roti, this was a nice spicy dinner.


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