Chicken with peppers, fried potatoes and peas with sweetcorn

This was basically a Mexican-influenced meal.

The chicken was cubed breast meat, cooked in olive oil with shallots, red peppers, garlic, green and yellow chillies and tomatoes with a splash of red wine vinegar, some recado de achiote powder, salt and pepper and garnished with chopped green coriander.

The accompaniments were some cubes of potato, deep-fried and lightly salted, guacamole and some fresh shelled peas and sweetcorn, just blanched and drained and finished off in butter with some chopped salad onion and finely diced red pepper.

To drink we had a mature Spanish red wine, Ramon Roqueta ‘Los Condes’ Gran Reserva from Laithwaites. They are currently listing the 2003, but we had the 2001 vintage because we had bought it as part of a mixed case a couple of years ago. It was a deep wine, pure Tempranillo and with a nice long finish and good soft tannins from the time it had spent in oak.


3 thoughts on “Chicken with peppers, fried potatoes and peas with sweetcorn

  1. I do. This makes a good quantity.

    2 ripe avocadoes, mashed
    4 spring onions, finely chopped
    2 tomatoes, seeded and diced
    the juice of one lime
    a chopped small bunch of fresh coriander
    a chopped green or red chilli
    sea salt
    ground black pepper
    extra virgin olive oil

    You just mix everything together.

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