A lamb mixed grill

This came about because I was talking to a friend about dishes that used to be popular but seem to have fallen out of favour.

One that came up was the Mixed Grill, which used to be a restaurant staple in the 1960s and 70s. We decided that the only place you get mixed grill-type dishes nowadays was in Indian, Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern restaurants.

Anyway, I decided to have a go at one with a vaguely Turkish flavour.

I used some small lamb rump slices, a few lambs kidneys and a small piece of lamb’s liver, all of which I marinated in olive oil with thyme, salt, pepper and mild chilli flakes.

After a few hours marinating, I grilled the meat on a hot griddle, rump slices first, then kidneys and finally the liver, making sure that nothing was over-cooked. The idea is to keep the meat slightly underdone and pink inside, but with a nice grilled exterior. Dried out kidneys and liver are horrible.

I served the meat items with some shredded lettuce, sliced salad onions, cherry tomatoes, yoghurt with mint, pickled chillies and warm pitta bread.

To drink was a rich and fruity red, a 2006 Australian Shiraz-Viognier blend ( a classic Northern Rhône pairing) from Westend Estate Wines. I am not sure where this came from, I think it was given to me a couple of years ago by a friend. It was a good choice because it had a lot of depth and ripe red fruit flavours, nicely mature and with a long finish.


One thought on “A lamb mixed grill

  1. The places I most often see mixed grills on the menu are gastro-pubs, I think. Not that this disagrees with your point about how they’ve fallen out of favour; more than anything else it’s a comment on how you and I [JennyRad] eat in different places. 🙂

    The idea of lamb-focusing it fascinates me (not least because in the last fortnight I’ve cooked lamb twice, while in the last six years or so I’ve also cooked lamb twice … this evening, remarkably tender steaks, courtesy the reduced section in Tesco.)

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