Sunday night roast pork

Nothing fancy here, just a nice English roast dinner.

The pork was a boned piece of shoulder with a sage, onion and minced pork stuffing and it was roasted on a layer of sliced onions which formed the base of the gravy, which was made with vegetable stock added to the roasting dish and reduced on the hob and then strained and thickened with some beurre manié.

The accompaniments were glazed carrots, roast potatoes and a minted pea pureé and to drink we had a nice bottle of Chinon, a 2005 Domaine du Grand Bouqueteau, élevé en fûts de chêne. Made from the Cabernet Franc, this wine was medium bodied and full of delicious flavours of ripe plums, cherries and blackberries. It had a lovely spiciness and good tannins which make it a great wine to drink with well-flavoured food, like this roast pork. It needs time to breathe so we decanted it an hour or two befor eating.


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