Lamb-filled filo rolls

I had minced lamb, filo pastry and a lot of herbs (dill, fenugreek leaves, parsley and coriander) and I wanted to use them all up, so I made these kind of Persian influenced lamb rolls. I suppose if they were Turkish you might call them boreks.

The lamb was fried in olive oil with garlic, chopped shallots and pine nuts and seasoned with salt, pepper, a small amount of chilli powder and some ground cumin and coriander, plus a squeeze of tomato purée and then cooked with a little water until done and the mixture was becoming dry. Towards the end of the cooking time I added in a lot of the chopped fresh herbs.

I let the lamb cook slightly and then rolled it up the the filo, which I brushed with olive oil between the sheets so it would crisp up nicely.

This was then baked in the oven for about 40 minutes.

When the rolls were done, I cut them into smaller lengths and served them with a tomato and lettuce salad and a yoghurt and cucumber sauce with some pickled green chillies.


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