Sweet and sour pork

This was my attempt to cook a Chinese takeaway staple at home.

Yes, I know that sweet and sour pork isn’t really proper Chinese cuisine, but it does have something about it that is enjoyable.

The sauce is easy to make. you fry off some onions and peppers in oil (I used an orange pepper, but green works too) and then add soy sauce, some sugar, Chinese rice vinegar, a lot of tomato ketchup and stir it all together, adding some chicken stock. Then you add cornflour paste and cook the sauce until it becomes thick and glossy. That is it.

The pork is any cut, cubed and precooked with water with aromatics like ginger, chilli, garlic, dried chillies, salt and star anise with some rice wine and soy sauce added.

When the meat is done, you drain it and let it cool and then coat it in a batter and deep fry.

I made a simple egg, flour and water batter which coated the pork but didn’t have that Chinese takeaway shiny shell once deep-fried. It tasted right though.

To go with this, I did plain white rice and stir-fried some beansprouts in soy sauce and sesame oil.


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