Pot-roasted topside of beef

People usually just roast topside but sometimes it works better as a pot-roasted joint which is cooked with liquid and with the vegetables in the casserole with it.

This is what I did with this piece of meat.

The beef was placed in the casserole with fresh thyme and bay leaves, some carrots split into decent-sized pieces, sliced leeks and Charlotte potatoes, seasoned with salt and pepper and then the casserole was topped up with a dark beer and some vegetable stock.

This was them left in a Gas Mark 6/180C oven for three hours.

With about 30 minutes to go, the potatoes were removed and placed in an oven dish with some olive oil and left in the oven to brown off a bit.

The stock from the casserole was poured off and reduced down and thickened with beurre manié to make some gravy.

Some green beans and Yorkshire puddings finished off a nice Sunday dinner for cold weather.


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