Finish your Sunday dinner with an apple, pear and blackberry crumble

Crumbles are great puddings, as nice cold as they are hot or at room temperature and as the year heads into Autumn, they come into their own.

They are so easy to make, and almost impossible to get wrong. Crumble topping is like a deconstructed sweet pastry in essence.

This one was made with Cox’s apples, Rocha pears and blackberries sprinkled with caster sugar and topped with a crumble mix of plain flour, butter, demerara sugar and some porridge oats, baked in the oven at Gas Mark 6/180 C for 45 minutes, until the fruit filling was bubbling and the topping going golden.

I served the crumble with some vanilla custard as dessert after a nice roast pork dinner.

I won’t bother writing about the pork, because I have done roast pork posts before, but here’s a picture of it.

We had a nice mature bottle of red Burgundy with dinner, a 2005 Mercurey from the Domaine du Chaumellottes, a nicely rounded wine with good Pinot Noir flavours.

Before dinner we drank and English white wines as an aperitif, a 2010 Flint Dry from Chapel Down. This was a revelation, an unoaked delicate, dry, almost Burgundian-style wine with a good balance of acidity and fruitiness and a lovely clean finish. Recommended. It is stocked in Waitrose.


One thought on “Finish your Sunday dinner with an apple, pear and blackberry crumble

  1. I was wondering if you liked white wine : ) Crumbles are the best; when I was a teenager my family went through a phase of having apple crumble with ice cream every Sunday for lunch – the first course was apple crumble with ice cream, and the pudding was seconds of apple crumble with ice cream!

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