Macaroni cheese

The reason I decided to cook this was because I read Felicity Cloake’s food blog about macaroni cheese in The Guardian.

I didn’t try and cook her recipe though, because I like my own version.

I used;

A white sauce fortified with Dijon mustard, grated English mature cheddar and Swiss Emmenthal, shredded cooked ham hock meat and penne (I didn’t have any macaroni and any pasta shapes will work), more grated cheese and sliced tomatoes for the topping.

I seasoned it with black pepper but didn’t add any salt, the ham and cheese are salty enough, and baked it in a Gas Mark 6 oven until the top was golden and bubbling away nicely.

The dish is so simple that it really doesn’t need any detailed explanation, but it is delicious comfort food.

You can leave out the ham, you can add sautéed leeks, I think they work better than onions, and you can have a breadcrumb topping, but really it is best left nice and simple.

Too much elaboration spoils it.


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